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Requirements & Solutions

Requirement 1
A platform that would enable business owners to search for their own SaaS software from a collection of 3rd party products and would convince 3rd party companies that the platform would increase their revenue.

Solution: Calls to action on the home page leading to an efficient product search process, featuring expandable/collapsable cards, a detailed filter side panel, a featured product area to ensure visibility, and prominent purchase buttons.

Requirement 2
A way to allow potential clients to quickly browse and read product service information while minimizing clicks and scrolling.

Solution: Search page with filter sidebar and expandable product information sections.

Requirement 3
A dashboard that would add business value to businesses for owners, using the data collected by 3rd party services to provide them with business insights. This dashboard would justify the client using the SaaS platform rather than going directly to the 3rd party providers.

Solution: The dashboard was designed to consolidate data visualization in such a way as to minimize scrolling and page reloads. Each subscription features data visualization tools on a separate tab so the user can quickly look at all aspects of their business performance data to make decisions quickly. Graphs were designed to visualize business metrics relevant to Accounting & Operations on one tab and Cyber Security on another. A floating side panel on the dashboard features industry news and other relevant business information, which was determined based on industry research.

Requirement 4
A way of promoting additional software products to subscribers and encouraging subscription renewal when product expiration was near, to ensure buy-in from 3rd party companies.

Solution: Designing prominent areas in the user dashboard for subscription renewal urgency, recommendations and alerts. Recommendations and alerts are used to suggest additional subscriptions, and a prominent button for subscription renewal both alerts the user and facilitates the renewal process.

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