Lumanext Lighting Technology Start-Up
Responsive Website

Lumanext is a lighting technology start up that wanted a website to attract investors and potential business partners/clients. The challenge was that they were trying to infiltrate a market that was already being served by another industry, and they did not yet have any completed projects to showcase.

These challenges required that the website design:

1) Showcase why their technology is better than the current technology being used by business owners

2) Summarize for investors, energy industry leaders, retail chains, and hospital building managers regarding how this innovative power system can save them money and profit their operation.

3) Back up this summary with an explanation of how this complex, innovative technology works to save money without allowing the details to distract from their message

4) Have a contemporary and engaging style that encourages visitor scrolling and browsing.

5) Keep website content brief to appeal to business owners and investors


I met these needs by doing the following in my design:

+ Simplifying and encapsulating complex concepts using icon symbols and short summary phrases in both the animation and the body of the home page to facilitate quick browsing and comprehension for visitor audience.

+ Placing an animated overview in the hero area of each page demonstrating how the technology is applied to office and retail buildings, resulting in time efficiency, power efficiency, and ultimately financial efficiency.

+ Placing detailed examples of technology application below, linking to further information on another page, to enable visitors to identify with the content and recognize potential applications for this technology in their own environment.

+ Placing partner logos, client logos, and client testimonials beneath to gain visitor trust through association with reputable businesses.

+ Featuring a sticky email link in the lower right hand corner of the browser window to facilitate visitor sales inquiries at any point in the browsing experience.

+ Featuring a sticky top arrow quick link in the lower right hand side of the browser window to improve browsing efficiency for visitors.

+ Using animation, bright colors, and interactive features.

+ Making the site desktop and mobile responsive.

+ Using imagery reminiscent of electrical/mechanical engineering drawings that those who manage buildings may identify with to increase visitor identification with the content and to provide context for this new technology information.

Animation Design

The solution was to give a visual overview of their technology to show how simple, easy, and efficient it was to use. This required a series of custom animations that demonstrated potential business applications, leading visitors to scroll down for more information.

Interface Solution

The end result was a visually appealing interface which included:

+ 5 custom animations positioned in the hero image area of web pages
+ design that inspired scrolling and drove sales leads
+ highlighting testimonial content and past client logos in place of project photos
+ a visual strategy to cover a lot of information briefly and in few pages

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