Ripley's Believe It Or Not Website
Interactive Map, UI/UX Design

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Times Square wanted to increase traffic to their site and improve ticket sales. They came to me to analyze their visitor traffic and propose a solution. It became apparent that most visitors did not stay on museum attraction pages for very long, partly because there was no call to action or interactive features. It also became clear that the majority of their web visitors were accessing their site on mobile and dropping off quickly due to an unresponsive user experience. To work within their budget, I proposed improvements to their interactive design to give the website a contemporary look and feel.  My proposal included the following:

+ Change static pictures for interactive pictures with more efficient navigation
+ Linking all the exhibit pages together through an interactive map and simple navigation system
+ Design the interactive map to look great on mobile devices.

Design Solution
A Museum Interactive Map

My design solution for this interactive map included:

+ 10 screen wireframes
+ Image illustration and SVG coding
+ Front end development using HTML and CSS
+ An interactive prototype using InVision

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