JLNY Group Document Management System
Web App

JLNY Group is an insurance agency that works with wholesale insurance markets. JLNY wanted a web app that would facilitate the process of managing client accounts by facilitating internal document transfer and communication between brokers and JLNY Group.

The client needed a web app with the following features:

1) An app for internal use by brokers and administration, requiring a secure login and two permissions levels.

2) A document management system that allowed brokers and administration to transfer real estate customer documents to each other by uploading to and downloading from one central online database. 

3) A Broker Dashboard that displayed all processed documents for their clients. It also had to highlight newly available documents ready for download by brokers, providing a quick reference task list for them to keep track of tasking. 

4) A system for tracking document downloads by brokers and upload once finished then displays this information in an easy to read way for admin to monitor.

5) A way of tracking and displaying broker logins and new accounts created by admins, displaying daily totals in a reports center for admin.

6) It also had to allow on-the-fly messaging between broker and admin for clarifying communication when necessary.

7) This app had to have an account management system for admin to make new broker and admin accounts, as well as edit them, and to quickly track the new accounts created in the system on a daily basis.

8) In addition, the client also needed me to convey very detailed functionality requests for the app with off shore developers for app development, ensuring clear comprehension despite intricate instructions as well as possible language barriers.

How I met these needs:

+ I designed the app to feature a broker dashboard for broker logins that efficiently displayed document data relevant to tracking upload and download activity

+ I designed a document management section that efficiently laid out all relevant information fields for quick browsing and sorting.

+ I added a dropdown menu of action options to each information row in the document management section.

+ I strategically placed buttons at the end of information rows to allow on-the-fly messaging through a pop-up chat window, or in other cases to allow for quick document downloading.

+ I placed an additional Quick Search drop down feature at the top of each information management window that provided an alphabetical listing of all records for fast selection.

+ I wrote up and numbered detailed technical notes, then added correlational numbers to the wireframes for the app. In addition I created an app flowchart and a flowchart “guide” to demonstrate organizational relationships between “brokers”, “admins”, “agencies”, and “clients” to assist developers in understanding flowchart terminology.

Application for Brokers, Agencies, and Administrators

The application would be used by two types of users with different permission levels to make their own accounts, send each other documents, and message each other. Administrator level accounts would also need to create other types of accounts besides their own. This required:

+ A screen to navigate to three main types of tasks: making/using a broker account, making/using an Admin account, and uploading documents while logged in under one of those types of accounts
+ A log in screen
+ A screen for uploading and tracking documents for or from brokers
+ Admin account screen showing user options
+ Broker account screen showing user options

Interface Solution

The end result was a simple interface which included:

+ a flow chart with technical notes
+ 9 screen designs
+ a display for task alerts
+ a display for account related activity

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