J&J Global Service Performance Reporting

Enterprise Business Intelligence and Reporting Application

Product Type: Enterprise Department Performance Reporting Application

Scope: As the replacement Lead Designer, I designed 34 business intelligence dashboards in total – 27 from concept to hand-off and 7 from redesign to hand-off

End Users
Executive directors, team managers, and Procurement Team professionals

Discovery, Defining Problem, Designing, Delivery

Discovery & User Research Method

Leading bi-weekly contextual inquiry interview sessions with 4 executive directors representing 12 global departments.

User Pain Points

  • Users struggled to efficiently and accurately monitor below-target KPIs.
  • Users struggled to identify causes of below-target KPIs.
  • Users generated performance reports requiring a time-consuming manual process to generate.

User Needs & the User Journey

Based on initial user feedback from individual team managers, business stakeholders needed:

  1. A way to efficiently identify service issues and their origins,
  2. A more efficient way to explore global services performance data, 
  3. A strategic way to explore data correlations and insights indicating causes behind performance issues
  4. An efficient way to generate data visualizations demonstrating strategic insights for reports and presentations.

Defining the Problem

Leading Business Team workshops to analyze the business cases, frame the problem, and define metrics.

Designing Wireframes, Mockups and Prototype

  1. I designed a custom user journey map for each global services department based on their workflow.
  2. I designed wireframes for summary and detail dashboards based on the user journey map and existing team UI patterns.
  3. I reviewed low-fidelity data visualization wireframes with the Business Team.
  4. I created high-resolution mockups and an interactive prototype.
  5. I helped to conduct design validation research every other sprint, using moderated interviews with 10-15 participants interacting with the buildout.

My Strategy

  1. I conducted bi-weekly design workshops with the Business Team to discover user needs and pain points for each department leadership team. 
  2. I led lines of inquiry designed to guide the Business Team to data visualization design options which enhanced dashboard business value.
  3. Designed Summary Dashboard for each department to monitor KPI’s indicating the need for further investigation.
  4. Designed Detail Dashboards for investigating KPI-related data across multiple dimensions and degrees of granularity.
  5. Designing consistent screen layouts and UI patterns throughout product to eliminate need for user training.
  6. Designed interactive pivot grids allowing users to download data visualization charts to their computer for building reports and presentations more efficiently.

I helped conduct over 5 series of design validation user studies with 10-15 participants each, measuring the user-friendliness and usability of this product in quantitative and qualitative data. After each study, the product design was improved based on user feedback to resolve user pain points for the Procurement Team.

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