KPMG Enterprise Marketplace

Business Services SaaS Management Platform

Product Type: Business Networking Mobile App

End Users: Business Advisory Clients

Scope: Concept to hand-off

Discovery, Defining Problem, Designing, Delivery

Discovery & User Research Method

Led discovery, analyzed existing user research, and analyzed research with affinity mapping.

User Pain Points

  • Users struggled to identify the best automated business SaaS products for their business.
  • KPMG Business Advisory Team struggled to increase client exposure to and use of KPMG promoted 3rd-party SaaS products.
  • Users lacked incentive to transition their workflow and business processes to automated services.

User Needs & the User Journey

Based on initial user feedback gathered by the Product Team, users needed:

  1. A way for KPMG clients to search for their own SaaS software from a collection of 3rd party products.
  2. A platform for marketing 3rd party SaaS products to KPMG clients.
  3. A way for KPMG clients to quickly browse and read product service information while minimizing clicks and scrolling.
  4. A way to monitor SaaS product performance that would also add business value for KPMG clients.
  5. Users needed a way of promoting additional software products to subscribers and encouraging subscription renewal when product expiration was near, to ensure buy-in from 3rd party companies.

Defining the Problem

I led bi-weekly working sessions with the Product Team to analyze the affinity mapping, define use cases, and define metrics.

Designing Wireframes, Mockups and Prototype

  1. Designed a mobile and desktop app featuring an advanced SaaS product search process, based on client business criteria.
  2. Designed an efficient product search process using  a filter nav drawer, expandable cards, and an e-commerce cart checkout experience.
  3. Designed a SaaS product monitoring dashboard with KPI metrics and widgets, a custom recommendations notification area, and an industry news side panel.
  4. Designed efficient dashboard navigation using separate dashboard tabs for each SaaS product dataset.

The build-out was tested on a sample user group and demonstrated that user needs were met by this product design. 

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