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Professional Networking Mobile App

Product Type AI-driven professional business networking mobile app

End Users Firm Partners

Scope Concept to interactive prototype


Discovery, Defining Problem, Designing, Delivery

Discovery and Research

  • I led discovery interviews and group design workshops to determine user pain points, use cases, and what features would offer the most business value.
  • I conducted competitor research of popular professional and social networking mobile apps.
  • I used mobile app design best practices including progressive disclosure and contextual navigation to solve space-related design challenges.
  • I used the team component design system and component libraries to streamline development.

User Pain Points 

  • Firm partners spent a lot of time investigating potential business leads.
  • This process was time-consuming and led to many missed potential connections because of lack of timely information.

User Needs & the User Journey

  1. Users needed a time-saving business networking application to suggest potentially high-value sales leads and facilitate networking with them.
  2. Users needed to discover high-value sales leads by calculating the probability of future sales opportunities with them, based on mutual business connections, past interactions, and mutual industry-related interests.
  3. Users needed a more efficient way to review a potential contact’s past and present professional affiliations before determining a course of action.
  4. Users needed access to a wide range of information types on each contact in order to quickly make these decisions.
  5. Challenges: Facilitating navigation of a data-dense UI for the user in a mobile app.

Defining the Problem

Leading Product Team workshops to analyze the use cases and frame the problem.

Designing Wireframes, Mockups and Prototype

  1. I designed wireframes for summary and detail dashboards based on the user journey map and existing team UI patterns.
  2. I reviewed low-fidelity mockups with the Product Team to gather feedback.
  3. I created high-resolution mockups and an interactive prototype based on user feedback and competitor research.

My Strategy

  1. A landing screen featuring a carousel of 10 recommended contacts at a time to sort through. 
  2. An action strip on the bottom of the screen to take a variety of actions in response to contacts at any point during investigation. 
  3. A series of contact detail screens facilitating navigation between multiple types of data on contact.
  4. An industry news and issue feature for networking preparation.
  5. AI-driven probability analysis of the business value of each potential contact.


The prototype design was paused due to limitations in data-infrastructure preventing product development at this time. 

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