BlackLine Integration Platform Product

Product Redesign & Enhancement

Product Type: iPaaS Software
Scope: User research, Heuristic Evaluation of product, Mockups, Prototype, Design Validation Testing, Handoff
End Users: System Admins, Connector Developers

Discovery, Defining Problem, Designing, Delivery

Discovery & User Research Method

Contextual inquiry and moderated interviews with 2 System Admin users, 2 Implementation Specialists, and 5 Connector Developers to capture both qualitative and quantitative data. User responses were analyzed using affinity mapping to determine the features needed by users and their priority.

User Pain Points 

  • Inconsistency of user controls prevented efficient connectivity setup. 
  • Confusing terminology in page titles and form fields prevented efficient connectivity setup.
  • Lack of hierarchal structure in navigation and page layout created user confusion and dependence on Implementation Team to setup customer connectivity.
  • These usability issues reduced workflow efficiency for customers and increased company workload on Implementation Team.
  • Challenges: Guiding customers through the very complicated connectivity setup process to increase user adoption of self service features.

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